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    AE Comp not importing into sequence

    Bruce BFD Level 1

      I'm running Master Collection CS5.5.
      I created a multi camera (2 cameras) edit sequence in Premiere Pro.

      I imported it into After Effects to key it and add some background graphics.

      I then tried to put the keyed footage into a PP sequence and nothing shows up in the timeline.


      Here are the ways I tried to place it into a PP sequence:

      1. I first tried double clicking in the PP project panel and selecting it, then dragging it to the New Sequence icon. No luck. (New sequence was created, but it was empty.)
      2. I then tried creating a new sequence and dragging the AE comp into the timeline. No luck.
      3. I then tried opening the multi cam sequence, right clicking and selecting "Replace with AE Comp". Still no luck.
      4. Then I tried opening the AE Comp in the Source Monitor and dragging it into a new sequence. Still no luck. (I also tried clicking the Insert button, but no luck there either.)
      5. I tried it in Bridge, but got an error saying that Dynamic Link doesn't work without Production Premium, but as noted above, I'm running Master Collection, so I don't understand why that's an issue.


      Any suggestions?


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          Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

          I'm afraid I don't understand your workflow... How do you get your PrPro multicam sequence into AE ?.. How do you get AE comp into PrPro ?..


          Normally you can start building your dynamic links either from PrPro or from AE.

          If you start from PrPro

          1. Select a clip or a group of clips in the timeline you want to replace with AE composition

          2. Right-click and choose 'Replace With After Effects Composition'

          3. Do your magic within AE

          4. When you finish, just switch back to PrPro - all changes you've done should be automatically shown in the timeline (not to forget to render preview with 'Render Entire Work Area' command)


          If you start from AE

          1. Create your composition within AE

          2. Switch to PrPro, choose 'File -> Adobe Dynamic Link -> Import After Effects Composition...'

          3. Treat your dynamically linked AE comp as an ordinary asset


          If nothing else helps, try to

          1. Deactivate and then reactivate your applications

          2. Clean up Media Cash Database...

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            Bruce BFD Level 1

            Actually, I get the error about Dynamic Link when I try "Replace With After Effects Composition". I'm starting from PP and nothing updates, even after rendering the work area.

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              Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

              Not sure I follow you... You get the error message when you try to replace dynamically linked comp with a new one?.. Or you get that message right after your first attempt to replace multicam sequence with AE comp?..


              Anyway, you have two choices:

              1. If you lack of time, try do deactivate and then reactivate your applications. If it doesn't help, render lossless intermediate out of AE and use it instead of dynamically linked comp so as to finish your PrPro project.

              2. If you have enough time to experiment, and deactivating and reactivating doesn't help, move further with cleaning up your Media Cash Database...