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    Export (BluRay) Hangs

    renized Level 1

      I am working with 4K R3D footage, my memory settings for "optimize rendering for" is set to "memory".


      I want to make a BluRay, so using the BluRay preset for export. If I check the box "Render at Maximum Depth" and "Use Maximum Render Quality" the render hangs after initial few frames. I tried this atleast 10 times. Although I have done this before (couple o month ago), this time I am just not able to get past few frames.


      If I uncheck both options (bit depth and quality), then the render goes through.

      Right now, I am testing if export with just the "Use Maximum Render Quality" would go through. Atleast, for now, render has crossed the frame where it used to hand when both were checked.

      If this goes through I will try the next test with just the "Render at Maximum Depth" box checked.


      But I do need to have both checked on, will appreciate inputs/ pointers on why the render hangs and how do I solve it.

      Thanks. - Dez

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          monstremoi Adobe Employee

          Here are some things I think about when I have an issue like this: Is this project specific, or does this happen with all projects with this preset? If it is project specific, does it happen with a different piece of the same kind of footage? If the footage is recaptured, or re-imported & replaced, does it happen then? Does rebooting the machine help? If you have another machine, does trying this on the second CPU fix the problem?

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            renized Level 1

            Thanks monstremol - it's happening to all projects. Unfortunately, I do not have access to another machine, so haven't been able to try exporting from a different machine.


            The export with just the "Use Maximum Render Quality" went through successfully. The Export with just the "Render at Maximum Depth" has hung after initial few frames. So atleast now I know most likely, that's what is causing the problem. Anyone, any ideas on why that would be? Any suggestions?




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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              I do need to have both checked on


              You actually don't.  Since both the MPEG and H.264 options for Blu-ray are 8 bit, checking this box for export is superfluous.


              And, if you're using GPU acceleration at all, you don't even need the Max Quality box checked.  You'll get a faster and better quality export letting the GPU handle the scaling.


              Finally, you should have your "Optimize" set to Performance as the default.  Only change it to Memory if one specific export returns a "memory" error, and then change it back to Performance after that one export.

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                renized Level 1

                Thanks Jim - I have GPU acceleration and have turned optimize settings to performance.

                As for "Max Quality"- doesn't this help with retaining sharpness when scaling images? Quoting from another post on the forum.


                "Maximum Render Quality mode will maximize the quality of motion in rendered clips and  sequences.  So when you select this option, the video will often  render moving objects more sharply.  Maximum Render Quality also maintains sharp  detail when scaling from large formats to smaller formats, or from  high-definition to standard-definition formats.  For the highest quality exports you should always use the Maximum Render Quality  mode."


                Would love to hear your/other's experience with scaling down images with & without checking the Max Quality option.



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                  Jim_Simon Level 9

                  That's all true without hardware acceleration.  With it, you don't need Max Quality.

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                    renized Level 1

                    I see - thanks Jim.