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    All day with sound problems in 5.5 and 6 now adobe India say!!!

    Trevor Hughes

      Upgrade your sound drive, ok but it's in my mac oprating system.

      one I can't find a drive.

      but am I been taken for a ride.

      The problem is that every time I click on the mic in the audio mixer I get.

      Your current audio hardware selection dose not have any inputs channels.

      go to pref and change to correct.

      so I have been going back and forth with out any luck. Any one help please can't use voice over . but in Audition work fine just Premier Pro

      5.5 nothing not even a track after trying to recorded . in my test version of 6 I do get a track but good or bad recording alot of noice and craclikng.

      so please any tips as to where I down load a new drive as Adobe support says for my (

      Intel High Definition Audio:) sound card. just feels so wrong.


      Thanks in addvance