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    Saving in CS6 get's slow

    carl nes Level 1

      I'm working on a project, and experiencing that the save operation takes a lot of time. The project is containing quite many files, but still I wouldn't expect premiere to occupy 2-3 minutes each time it saves/auto-saves. It's very annoying.


      The save progress indicator goes almost to complete, but staggers at the near end.


      The project file is around 55 MB.


      Is this a bug? Any advice? Thanks


      Editing on win7 64bit / cs6 on SSD, 12gb ram, media and project on 7200 rpm 3TB sata drive.

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          carl nes Level 1

          Update: Sometimes it saves at normal speed aswell, only spending a few seconds.


          So I decided to look closer at the system monitor, and it seemes like premiere is using 8,1 GB memory (In preferences max available is set to 9 GB). Is seemes to stagger at that approx 8 196 000 kb limit, indicating that memory usage might be the cause of operation slowing down?? (I'm not a computer expert, so please correct me:)

          CPU usage doesn't seem to go beyond 50 % at any times.

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            carl nes Level 1

            Update 2: To start fresh, I quited Premiere CS6, and discovered in system monitor that it dissapeared from the Applications list, but still was listed in Processes list, and still occupying 6,6 GB ram. I then started CS6 once again, and in the processes list, that resulted in a new instance of Premiere CS6. So it seemes to be something wrong with premiere occupying memory recources and not "cleaning up" properly?