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    Premiere / RedCine-X Pro Workflow Question


      Hi Folks,



      I have been trying to find a solution for the last couple of months. I know out there someone has an answer for me.

      So I keep trying.



      Here is my question / problem.



      1- I make my first color correction with Redcine, then save the rm.'s

      2- Then I do my edit with Premiere. When finished export the edit as xml.

      3- Import the xml to RedCine-X Pro again to do fine tunings according to the edit.

      4- Do my fine tunings and save rm.'s again.



      Here is the problem.

      When I open my existing edit in premiere my fine tuned color correction should be available, instead I still see

      my first color correction. And I have to click on source settings and again click on reload from rmd for each clip.



      I assume that Premiere is reading the first color correction from a cache file or something like that.



      How can I reload all clips with the new fine tuned rmd's ? Any ideas..

      I was expecting this situation to be solved with CS6 but still continues..




      Koray Birand