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    Exporting to flv and resizing comp causing audio loss and time extention


      I am rendering 4 comps of different lengths at 1920 x 1080 to .flv format and 480 x 270.  The longest and shortest videos have come out fine.  The other two both cut out the audio around the middle of the clip and for some reason extend the total length of the clip by about 40 seconds of just blank screen. 


      I know the obvious things to look at (length slider, audio file problem) but all of these should be working fine. Audio plays back fine in AE and they are both being rendered at the correct time duration in the export settings.  The comps playback fine at full resolution.  I've tried converting the full size .flvs to the 25% size .flvs in Media Encoder and its the same problem.  If there is some problem with compression that I just dont know about, it didn't show up in the other two videos.  I'm at a loss and have resorted to banging my head on my desk. 


      Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  Thanks.