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    Can't save (NOT working off network server!)


      As of an update, I don't know which, it has been at least a year probably, I can't save my documents in Adobe Flash® Professional CS4. I cannot work off my work later without leaving the document open. Only publishing it works, but that means I can't edit the .swf (etc.) in Flash later.


      Version: Flash CS4 10.0.2 for OS X


      If I am working on something, I go to File > Save As... to save the .fla file. Once I do, the file browser comes up so I can choose where to save it. But there, I can't do anything but force quit Flash. I can't change the location of the save, I can't enter something to change the name of the file, I can't create a new folder, nor save nor cancel! If I've been working on a project, this makes it lost already! So I force quit Flash and restart, only not to be able to save again.


      I have reinstalled Flash/Creative Suite CS4 twice. Unless there is some other fix, I suppose the only solution is a patch for Flash® Professional CS4 or an upgrade to the latest major update. Hope there's a fix! Not spending anything more on Flash for now since there's no need for an upgrade if this is fixed.


      (I have seen this bug when searching on the forums, but they could actually click buttons, getting an error message instead. Also, their solution was to stop working off of a network server. I am not working off of a network server save.)


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