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    GoogleDocs integration

    Chung Leong Level 1

      Hi! Posting here for the first time, though I've been developing in Flash for quite a while.


      Anyway, this idea sort of hit me one day: wouldn't it be nice if we can update text contents in a Flash movie through GoogleDocs? That way, keeping a Flash-based web-site up-to-date would be so much easier. If a change has to happen, someone could just go to his Google page and do it. He wouldn't need a copy of Flash Professional or the original FLA file. It's an interesting idea. After three weeks of development, I have something that's working and would like to share it with the community. I call the project Flaczki. It's open-source under an Apache 2 license. It's a server-side script programming in PHP. The website is at http://code.google.com/p/flaczki/. The technology is pretty neat. It allows you to do, among other things, generate create multilingual versions of the same Flash movie from different documents at GoogleDocs. Here're an example I very quicky put together:






      I'm still in the middle of writing documenting how the code works and setting up the web site. Through it probably still kind of raw, the code is available for download. Let me know if you find the concept interesting.