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    Pause Background music


      I am creating a movie, where I have background music in captivate 3. On one slide I have inserted a flash movie to play, and would like to pause the background music so that it doesn't overlap with the audio in the flash movie.

      Any ideas as to how I can make that happen?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi all

          Maria approached me privately with this issue. I thought my reply to her might help others, so am posting here what I replied with.

          I created a small Flash file that stops the sound. You may download it for a short while from this link.

          While this is certainly not anywhere near what I would consider to be a "clean" approach, here is what I did. I dropped the SWF onto a slide. This file stops playing all sounds. Effectively kills the background. I then clicked Insert > Animation and placed that file on the slide with the narration. Then I timed the .SWF for .2 seconds and beginning immediately. Next, I adjusted the narration to begin after this file ended. So narration begins at .2 seconds. So far so good.

          Now for the cheesy/fudgy/hokey part. I created a blank Captivate project sized at 100 x 100 pixels. Totally devoid of any content. I then clicked Edit > Preferences and ensured there was no preloader. Next, I clicked Project > Skin and removed the playback control. Finally, I clicked Edit > Preferences and configured the end option to loop. After taht, I assigned the background audio to this project. I then published this as a Flash 7 output. SWF only with no HTML page.

          Next, I opened the original project, edited the slide where the background should again begin playing and clicked Insert > Animation. I dropped in the .SWF with the background audio and configured the timing for "rest of project". This seems to work, but has a bit of a hiccup. There is a slightly noticeable pause or blurp when it repeats.

          What would be ideal here is to figure out how to simply "restart" the background. But I've not managed to sort that yet. Hoping someone may offer a clue here.

          Cheers... Rick
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            rita the reader Level 1
            I found a really easy solution to this problem as it affected me as well: just record a couple of seconds of silence for that slide. Then, insert more silence into your audio until you have enough silence. Then your background audio will detect a slide audio and lower the background audio volume. Easy and fast!