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    Animation Moving in Slow Motion



        I've encountered yet another problem. I'm working with the Armature on one layer of the Time Line and animating each pose over 10 frames. I made a 40 frame movie that plays much longer than the nearly two second span. Everything appears in slow motion!

        My animations are set to 24fps, but they are moving at least 10 times slower. This happens within Flash and in the exported swf files.

        I'm getting errors dealing with "text field variable names" and "Symbol 'fps' ".

      I've included a few pics of the errors.

        Does anybody know what these are and how to remedy them?



      Thank you for any comments on the matter,



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To help explain the errors you should show the code that is contained in the fps moviewclip and indicate the line numbering relative to the errors.


          The second image you show would seem to indicate you have taken an AS1/2 file and are trying to use it as an AS3 file, wherein variable name is assigned for a textfield in the properties panel.

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            flashAnimate Level 1

            Thank you for responding!


            I only create using AS3 so the files cannot be AS1 or AS2.


            The strange thing is that I haven't created any movieclip, layer, or anytthing else named "fps".


            I'll look around and see if I can find any code. I know that I haven't personally created any code, but that doesn't mean there isn't any that Flash may have generated.


            Until then, do you have any other suggestions, comments, or observations?


            Thank you again for responding.



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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              My only guess is that you have copied content from another file that is an AS1/2 design.  Otherwise the errors would not indicate AS1/2 code and features that AS3 will not allow.  If you are opening the file as an AS3 file then chances are you won't find the var issue because AS3 Fash does not provide an option for it... if you could open the file as an AS2 file you might find it.

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                esdebon Level 4

                What happens when you double click on any of the erros that are shown?


                Maybe are you using a Virtual Cam or copied some movie clip from another project

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                  flashAnimate Level 1

                  OK. After watching a tutorial given by what seemed to be a 10 year old kid (no disrespect intended), I noticed I was incorrectly setting up the timeline.


                  I was previously watching a tutorial where a guy was animating a Bob Marley character. The guy was extending the timeline as he progressed through the animation; which was what I was doing.


                  The only difference was that he had another animation method that already had an end keyframe established.


                  I missed this at first because I didn't see the final frame. I did see the green-colored timeline, but didn't put two and two together until I viewed the video again.


                  Everything is working properly now, with the exception of the missing "waist" movieclip that has the second bone pivot point added to it. The movieclip isn't really missing because the character pivots at that point, but the "waist" is invisible.


                  Does anybody have any ideas on how to make this part visible?


                  I have a couple of files with and without the individual layers. The "waist" layer is visible in the layers panel, but there is no dot on the timeline. This dot disappeared when the "waist" movieclip became part of the Armature layer.


                  Thanks again for any help,


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                    flashAnimate Level 1

                    I now know where the "fps" file came from. I was doing a speed test to see how much CPU was being used. I had to import the test file onto a layer to proceed with the test. The test didn't work so I deleted the layer, but missed any other files associated with it.


                    Thank you very much,