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    Can't open .CR2 files in PhotoShop CS5, Camera RAW or Adobe DNG Converter


      Firstly take note I shot these with a Canon EOS 450D (or Rebel XSi)...


      I see a lot of answers speaking about having the most up to date version of the Camera RAW Plug-in.


      I have a similar issue with my .CR2 files... I cannot open them in Camera RAW because it tells me that my camera model or make is not supported by the Plug-in, and so I was directed by other forums to just try converting the .CR2 files to .DNG. I already had the Adobe DNG Converter (version 6.5 I believe), so I tried this. It too told me that my files or camera make were not supported.


      However, I have always been able to successfully both open my .CR2 files AND convert them to .DNG. I had not updated anything on my camera nor on my Adobe programs and for some reason this last attempt to open RAW files failed me... I have no idea what change would have led to it. Luckily I shot in both RAW and Large JPG but I certainly don't want to rely on my JPGs of course... Any idea why this problem might have arisen now if it had always worked easily in the past?