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    video viewing in compiled HTML file output


      Here is what i am doing & i m not able to view the video in the compiled HTML file whereas the same works in compiled webhelp file.


      1. Selet a text, insert Hyperlink & in the window opened i select multimedia and then select the .avi file.

      2. Save the project & compile the Microsoft HTML file.

      3. In the output .chm file when i click on the link it opens up Windows Media Player but doesn't play the video file.




      1. Select Insert --> Multimedia demo / adobe captive demo & select the .avi file.

      2. The file will be inserted at the mouse cursor i have placed.

      3. Now compile the Microsoft HTML file.

      4. In the output .chm file, the video gets played automatically & no controls are avialable to stop / increase / decrease the volume etc.


      Please help me in this so that i can take my project going. We are stuck at this point.