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    How SetGeometricBounds of a Rectangle

    Bill joy Level 1

      I am creating a rectangle using vc++.

      There is a problem to use the SetGeometricBounds() function in vc++. It take one argument but there is requirement of four argument. But this function work welll in C#

      InDesign.Rectangle rectangle = page.Rectangles.Add(document.Layers.FirstItem(), idLocationOptions.idUnknown, page);

      rectangle.GeometricBounds = new[] { 20, 30, 120, 130 };

      My Steps are

      INDESIGN::Rectangle rectangle = rectangles.Add(covOptional,(long)1433299822,covOptional);

      rectangle.SetGeometricBounds(const VARIANT &newValue);

      SetGeometricBounds() function take one argument const VARIANT &newValue but parameter should be Array of Measurement Unit (Number or String). When i pass an array of these measurement unit then it also give error.