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    Bug: Forum redesign

    groove25 Level 4

      Does anyone know how or where to report a bug involving the forum itself?


      It seems that when the number of tags applied to a discussion exceeds one line, the initial posting gets squeezed into a very narrow column on the right-hand side and becomes practically illegible. (And once there's been a response, the inital post can no longer be edited to fix the problem.)




      This wasn't an issue until the recent redesign.


      forum tag glitch.png

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          groove25 Level 4

          Bug fixed!


          But why has the style for the Discussion list become so cramped and small? The 'old' version was genuinely kind of cool, with a comfortable text size and generous use of space. And it was coherent with the rest of the new layout.


          original redesign.png




          Now it looks like they're running away from their own redesign. It's overly busy and hard to read.


          New Discussion list.png


          Seriously, what's with the tiny text?

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            groove25 Level 4

            Paradoxically, the discussions themselves have also been changed, but in the reverse direction. And again, not in a good way.


            The original redesign was great. Comfortable and easy to read.


            old text style.png



            The new version features so much leading (a.k.a. line-height) that the lines feel like they're separate from one another. The excessive white space undermines the coherency of the text, actually making it harder to read.


            new text style.png