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    Dreamweaver Help | Dreamweaver-Business Catalyst integration

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      This question was posted in response to the following article: http://helpx.adobe.com/dreamweaver/using/dreamweaver-business-catalyst.html

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          Recent learned that BC module templates must also be customized in the modulestylesheets.css Example: Changing font style and font color.  Do you have a more specific tutorial for customizing BC templates in the BC stylesheets?

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            The sequence above for importing a business catalyst site won't work for me. I've opened a support case back on the 4th. It was escalated. Still, today on the 12th I've gotten no response. I just get a little flash wheel spinning as it attempts to retrieve the site definition. Is this related to my adobe id? Or to my master rebranded partner sites default url? I've deactivated, reactivated, I've deleted the prefs from the library in osx for Dreamweaver. I've uninstalled, reinstalled. Still not working and no replies from Adobe. What gives?

            Import a Business Catalyst site


            For information on migrating sites that you previously created using the Business Catalyst extension, see Migrating Business Catalyst sites to Dreamweaver CS6.


                Select Site > Manage Sites.


                Click Import Business Catalyst Site. The list of Business Catalyst sites you created with the Adobe ID is displayed.


                Select the site, and click Import Site.


                For the site that you are trying to import, specify a location on your computer.


                Enter the password related to your Adobe ID.


                When the file activity is complete, click Done.



            above is what doesn't work for me... It hangs after I click import...

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              To modify font styles and colors for anything in Business Catalyst, check out the base.css stylesheet.

              modulestylesheets.css appears to treat only module-specific styles, as opposed to the general ones in base.css.

              I find that editing stylesheets is easier in Dreamweaver (at least in my own workflow style), but it will be necessary for you to check how the changes are altering your BC templates, as you go along.

              If you want to find a tutorial that treats on editing module templates, take a look in the partner resources. I have been using the Columbus method myself (voyage of discovery and all that).