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    After Effects 5.5 and Softimage zpic files

    sn0wctrl Level 1

      Hi there


      I'm having trouble getting Afer Effects CS5.5 to read zpic files rendered from Softimage 2011 64bit SP2


      From the help files I understand AE should 'see' the zpic files using 3D Channel and other 3D compositing effects when the zpic files are in the same location as there associated pic files


      ...but this does not seem to be happening


      I import the pic files, put them in a composition, apply the 3D Channel effect, and then with the 3D Channel effect still selected, click on the pic sequence in the composition layer, but the info Window gives a 'no depth available' message


      What am I doing wrong?


      All help appreciated




      (running 64bit Win Pro on a Core i7 overclocked machine with a GTX570 graphics card)