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    Problem unlocking CUDA in CS6 , but works fine in CS5

    Anthony Abegglen Level 1

      I installed CS6 which was fast and painless into my programs directry G( aslo where CS5 is installed):, add my card (GTX465)  and linked the PPRO EXE in the nvida settings and made it compatable. Then launch CS6 , which was much faster than CS5 loading up. Settup a new Project and went to the general progect settings, to set the ME Hardware play back settings, I could not change it from software to hardware. I have tried to do this and redo the settings still does not work.


      I uninstalled CS6  and reinstalled cs6 as a default C: I also down loaded the patching program from www.studio1productions which unlocks all the geforce cuda card ,everything seems to work , till i launch CS6 , I am still not able to set CS6 to Hardware Render Play back , CS5 still works fine and i am able to set ME in CS5 but not CS6.

      What am I missing or diong wrong?

      Please help .......Harm ,Bill............