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    Is this as good as it gets?

    WebOfWebs Level 1

      Sorry if you've heard this before, but i'm rather disappointed with my new pc...
      i5-3570K overclocked 30%, 12 GBram T1 xmp, couple of 500GB Blue drives.


      I'm trying to apply some stabilization to some old DV Type 1, Pal, 702x576, clips.

      And a 4 minute clip is taking 15mins for analysis, and almost 3hours to render.


      I also tried converting to Type 2, resaving as MS Uncompressed no codec, MS uncompresses Y210, Huffyuv before doing Warp Stabilizing.

      I've fiddled with memory & multiprocessing settings.

      I've even tried VirtualDub with numerous options, but the results are not as good as i originally thought.


      Has anybody else ever needed to clean up old camera tape? What did you do?


      (i've also tried older versions of PP, AE and AME as some found them better, but it didnt help here)

      Thanks, J

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          WebOfWebs Level 1

          I've come to the conclusion that useing Warp Stabilizer in PP is not worth the effort. It definately does not work as well as in AE.

          As for speed etc, i've been reading alot and it seems the bottleneck is the graphics card. Warp, and a few other effects, are heavily dependent on CUDA. So the more CUDAs on the graphics card, the faster the effects are processed.
          Apparently there is a limit - a few hundred CUDAs is all that AE can utilise, but thats in the price range of thousands.

          I think its time for a better graphics card.

          (hope this helps others)