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    E_ADEPT_IO SignInDirect Error%20#2032


      On my 64-bit Windows 7 box, I cannot authorize to Adobe Digital Editions. I am using IE8. I have tried disabling the firewall as well as adding rules for full inbound and outbound access to digitaleditions.exe, to no avail. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application as well as cleaning out the registry entries for ADE and resetting to all defaults in IE8. Windows updates are all current. The authorization to ADE works from my 32-bit XP virtual machine running under VMWARE (i.e. on the same network). I also installed a clean 64-bit Windows 7 under VMWARE and am experiencing the same exact problem. I have also tried every suggestion found via google and in these forums on this specific error, but nothing has worked.  Any experience with this or any suggestions would be appreciated.  The error message when I go to authorize my computer to ADE is the following:


      Error communicating with AdobeID Server. Please try again later.


      E_ADEPT_IO SignInDirect Error%20#2032   



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          You are getting a message indicating that, despite your best efforts, Win 7

          and/or your firewall and/or your virus protection is preventing your

          computer from communicating with Adobe's website.  I understand that this

          has happened to several people who have posted messages to the forum

          explaining what they did about it, so let me suggest a bit of searching.

          I'm Win XP, so I can't help much.  Sorry!