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    please somebody guides me through this

      hi guys , i need to know how to do the same effect as the one in this video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZX81Wj3zlF8&list=PL4A5A506A47F833F0&ind ex=1&feature=plpp_video second 00:10 




      i was trying with wave warp , bad tv  and i couldnt get the same result , the one in the video looks more professionnel

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          Dan Jacobsen Level 1



          You're on the right track. Use Wave warp. Try noise and smooth noise and play with all the settings.


          Also try 2 wave warps one doing small noise distortions and one doing a larger smooth noise to give it an actual wave, like a randomised sine wave if that makes sense.


          This is pretty much all you need but something to split the colour channels can you look good. You know that effect that's everywhere at the moment where the red, green and blue seperate slightly horizontally?


          jpeg damage and mosaic can also add some interesting ideas. But wave warp is definately your starting place.

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