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    View Changes When Double Clicking Text in a table


      I've had this problem for a while now, its just an aggrevation, not a big issue.


      When I have a table set up in my document and I want to edit the text in a frame.

      Anytime I double or triple click the text, Indesign autocenters the view to the text I just highlighted.

      This only happens in a table cell and it only happens when I am selecting the first line of text in a cell and only when I select by double or triple clicking. Actually, it also happens when my cursor is in a table cell & I click the Home key.


      It causes a bit of aggrevation when I triple click to get a whole paragraph and end up clicking that last click on a completely different area of my document because my view window moved.


      I can find no other documentation on this online at all.

      I have recorded a short video to demonstrate what is happening. I can upload it if it is needed.

      Thanks in advance!!