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    only option for full screen player video / swf?

      I think I already know the answer, but wanted to check. outside of opening up a new, chromeless window with the player set at 100% height and width, there's no other way of actually having full screen video or any swf using the player 8.00+ version? Unfortunately I have a player that works very nicely in 9 with it's fullscreen function however I need to cover 8 also. The only thing I can think of is the new window...


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          Greg Dove Level 4
          You're right if you want to make a flash player 8 do something similar. You need to do the pop-up approach.
          It is possible to publish to swf version 8, and only make a fullscreen button visible if the player is 9+ if that is an acceptable compromise. Player 9 penetration stats are pretty high, but there are some groups of users where it might still be player 8, for example larger corporations with rigid IT policies.
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            we're on the same page. I had set up doing the new window bit yesterday and this morning I thought about just doing some addcallbacks to the player once the version is detected so that users with player 8.0 will get a button using the new window javascript and 9.0 get the real full screen buttons.

            and yeah, it's those goofy large corporate types who are the main viewers for this and some do fall into that "we're afraid to upgrade" 3-4% margin that's killing me. believe it or not I had to fight with the company just to support FP 8! Going to 9 will be impossible. maybe in 2-3 years....