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    Fireworks Textsize is Different


      Hello I copied some text and images  from illustrator to fireworks. I scaled it with strg+t so that it was fitting into my layout. I clicked at the text and changed the properties to the below ones. The different texts in my layout should be the same size but they aren't (I pasted them to the right of the properties). They have exactly the same properties besides the colour. The style was created afterwards. If I apply the style to the upper text it just changes the colour and not the size. Shure I could generate new textfields as a workaround but that would mean I could never copy anything with text again and be shure that is has the correct size.


      So my question is why are they different  besides the same settings and how to solve it without creating a new text?


      PS: Sorry for the quality wasn't able to upoad more than 600 pixels width. Clicking the image and saving it to desktop or zooming in helps.

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          -DasPferd- Level 1

          Actually I tried s.th. and I think it might be a bug. When scaling a single text (proportionally), the size in the properties increases, but when scaling text with another object or a second text it doesn't change the size in the properties.



          Another Workaround is to modify->undo transformation but it's a little bit nasty because I don't see which texts I already may have transformed.

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            -DasPferd- Level 1

            Am I the only one who has the proplem or does nobody know a good solution e.g. some preference etc.

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              Linda Nicholls Level 4

              It's pretty rare to scale text rather than just change its size.

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                groove25 Level 4

                I have to admit, I found it challenging to understand the text of your posts, but it sounds like you made some important observations:


                • Scaling a single text object will affect its font size.
                • Scaling multiple text objects will apply a transformation to those objects instead of affecting font size.
                • A transformation can be removed using Modify > Transform > Remove Transformations.


                Prior to reading your post, I wasn't really aware that Scale/Transform could affect font size in Fireworks, so it seemed like a bonus that it does this when scaling a single text object. However, I can see how FW's behavior with multiple text objects could seem buggy. After all, if you select a group of rectangles and scale them as a group, their individual size properties will all be changed accordingly, so why shouldn't it be the same with text objects, right?


                You could submit a bug report or feature request to Adobe about this:




                In the meantime, I've noticed that Modify > Transform > Numeric Transform will successfully scale multiple text objects and update their font sizes as well. If you can determine the size to which you need to scale in advance, this command may be a viable option.

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                  groove25 Level 4

                  Aha! I'm also realizing that one of your concerns is that a transformed text object is not responding to text size when it's applied via a style.


                  This may help. It appears that transformations may be a form of style "override". If you select an object on the canvas that has a style applied to it and look within the Properties Inspector, you'll see a "+" sign next to the style name if you've added anything to the object that was not part of the original style definition.


                  Style + override.png



                  When defining styles, it appears that the "Text other" category may be an important one to include in your style definition if you're using the Transform command. (You can edit a style's definition by double-clicking on its thumbnail within the Styles panel.)


                  Text Other.png


                  With "Text other" included in the style definition, you should be able to apply the style and have the text size applied (and the transformation removed). Alternatively, you should be able to use the "Clear Overrides" button (within the Properties Inspector) to remove a transformation that was not part of the original style definition.


                  This may or may not work in all circumstances, but it's a starting point. If all else fails, realize that you can still adjust text size directly within the Properties Inspector, even if the size indicated is not the exact rendered size.

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                    Daryl Barnes Level 1

                    I am seeing this bug rear its head when resizing a button using the scale tool.  The text resizes fine but it doesn't update in the properties panel to the new size.  Like the OP found out, Fireworks seems to forget to update the properties panel when other objects are present besides just the text object itself.

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                      groove25 Level 4

                      I'm not convinced that "forget" is the right word in this case; I think Fireworks just handles those situations differently.


                      I'm not sure why, but on a single text object, Fireworks actually translates the transformation into a change in font size. That's why if you choose Modify > Transform > Remove Transformations afterwards, the size of the text object will remain the same. However, on multiple text objects, the transformation remains simply a transformation (with no effect on font size), and that's why if you choose Modify > Transform > Remove Transformations in that case, the text objects will return to their original size.


                      Thinking about it, there's a difference between a text object and the text inside the text object. That may inform how the transformations are being applied or translated.


                      I could actually see this being advantageous when working with something like a button symbol, where a single "Remove Transformations" command will restore all components to their original state, instead of leaving some items restored and others not. But I am wondering if it'd be possible for the Fireworks team to add some kind of "Expand Transformations" command, as a companion to "Remove Transformations". This could allow transformations applied to multiple text object selections to be converted to an accurate font size in the Properties inspector (and might have other uses, too).

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                        Linda Nicholls Level 4

                        All the original properties of items composing a button symbol are embedded in the symbol. If you resize a button (and the text of the button) by scaling it, the embedded properties are not changed, though they appear altered. Those changes to an instance of a symbol are temporal. The only way to permanently change the text size of a button symbol is to break the symbol apart or create a new one.

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                          groove25 Level 4

                          Yeah, that's true; a symbol is a different animal altogether.


                          I was picturing a "button" as being a vector object and a text object, perhaps grouped together, and thinking about it in those terms only. Daryl's previous comment didn't mention a symbol, per se, so that may have been my mistake. Sorry, I let my terminology get away from me!

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                            Linda Nicholls Level 4

                            I think your terminology is just fine, Doug. And your enthusiasm is invigorating!