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    GREP glyph find by CID/GID

    Cam Reesor Level 1

      Using GREP, I can find glyphs by unicode value with this expression:




      Is there a similar GREP expression to find glyphs by CID/GID value?


      For example: I am using Poetica with alternates for the bullet character (unicode 2022). Each alternate has a CID/GID vale of 1050-1062


      In a paragraph style I'm tring to apply a character style to each of 12 alternates. Something like:


           apply style 1050  to text  \CID{1050}




           apply style 1050  to text  \x{2022}\CID{1050}


      I realize I can just make a font, and probly will, but I was just wondering if it's possible.