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    CS6- FW- When saving file, I get "Could not complete your request"

    Sasha Verhage

      In great anticipation, I downloaded the trial version of Fireworks (CS6). I loaded all my custom Styles; Swatches; Symbols; Keyboard Shortcuts...


      Spent a few minutes in my document. When I tried to save my document, I got the same/dreaded dialog (see attachment) I've endured from CS5:

      "Could not complete your request.

      An error occurred."


      Ugh... this is the most frustrating dialog (it isn't very descriptive or prescriptive; and i can't save any of my work). this is a known issue (at least since 2009) and yet they haven't fixed it. this upgrade suddenly is useless to me. Same bug I experience for CS5.


      Any advice/suggestions?


      Thanks in advance,