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    Fullscreen Mac Projector crashes when opening PDF

    Andy Owens

      I'm working on a CD-ROM project that will have Mac and PC projectors. The projectors will open up various PDF files on the CD in an app like Adobe Reader (as opposed to a web browser).


      Right now when I test the Mac projector, running in Flash's fullscreen mode, on machines using OS 10.6 and 10.7, the projector crashes intermittently when switching from flash to Acrobat / Reader to view the PDF file.


      I'm publishing from a mac using CS5.5 and AS2. When I deactivate fullscreen mode in flash, no crashes occur.


      The method for calling the PDF files is Applescript with sample code being:


      tell application "Finder"


                open document file "argyle-console.pdf" of folder "fscommand" of disk "anees"

      end tell


      I'm curious if anyone else has run into this issue and if they've found a workaround. Thanks in advance.