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    Need help designing a multi-document workflow...


      I recently upgraded from CS2 to CS6 and the new features are a bit overwhelming and my brain can't figure out where I'm supposed to do what, so if anyone can guide me, it would be greatly appreciated.


      I design craft patterns and they're used in multiple documents and formats. These are:


      • PDF with 3 individual patterns, 4 page, 8.5x11 portrait, 4 pages
      • Print version A (3 patterns): no bleed, 8 page booklet, 8.5 x 5.5 (printed in house via laser)
      • Print version B (3 patterns): full bleed, 8 page booklet, 8.5 x 5.5 (printed professionally.)
      • ePUB/eBOOk, same patterns.
      • 3 individual patterns for kits, 1 version for in house (no-bleed), 1 version professional printing, full-bleed.


      The pattern text needs to be identical EXCEPT for the diagram number, color name/number, size. The booklets need to have proper imposition, PDF does not...


      The problem that happens with the CS2 files is that one thing will be revised in one doc and then not in the others.


      I'm not sure how to us ethe new features in CS5.5/CS6 to make this a better workflow with less overlap of work.