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    AERender render only mode, restricted codecs, and errors


      There is a page here detailing how to put aerender into restricted mode, so that a license key isn't required.

      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/aftereffects/cs/using/WS3878526689cb91655866c1103a4f2dff7-79a3 a.html#WS3878526689cb91655866c1103a4f2dff7-79a2a


      There is a page here explaining that we can use "network rendering (aerender and watch folder) without activation of render-only nodes" and that a limitation is "In this mode, some codec-specific features are disabled—primarily use of MPEG codecs."



      Does anyone know what codecs specifically work and which ones don't? I don't know how anyone is supposed to know this. I've tried testing but I get stuck because everytime I enable render only mode, I get an error saying:


      aerender ERROR: No output module template was found with the given name.


      Which doesn't make any sense, because when I disable render only mode everything works fine. I've tried with a number of different templates and it happens to all of them, h264 mp4 and 3gp, m2v, png sequence, and lossless AVI.