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    Merge Clips Question - Sound merged into one track?

    SDCone Level 1

      Hi there,


      I've just switched over a feature project from 5.5 to 6 and a new, infinitely better equipped operating system. As I finally delve into the synched footage (merged in 5.5 but just about to start cutting in 6), however, I'm realizing that it seems to have merged all the sound tracks into one track? Sounds like it's all there, but just wanted to make sure that was supposed to be the case. The rest of the channels are blank, but from what I'm hearing, it sounds like everything was merged into one, because I'm picking up separate lavs, etc.


      Further, I'm assuming that, per usual, an OMF will allow a designer to separate again in the end.


      Thanks for any input you can provide.






      PS - Thanks, too, to those of you who helped me figure out the specs for an ideal new system. Ended up going with ADK and the system's great.