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    Is this just the way it is or am I doing it wrong.

    deimosphobos Level 2

      Hi all.


      While everything works just fine, whenever I have a dynamic link to AE the render times can be, well, painful. So today I tried something. I rendered the same opening sequence out, as a lossless best setting (AVI 1920X1080) in AE and it took 59 seconds. I imported it into my PPro sequence and rendered it out as .264 and that took 27 seconds.


      If I have a dynamic link to the same sequence in AE from PPro the render is around 17 minutes.


      Am I doing sometihng wrong ? Or is that the price you pay for convenience ?


      System Setup

      AMD 955BE Phenom II Quad Core

      16GB of 1600 Ram

      EVGA GTX560

      HDD are 3 X 1 TB, OS, Source and Target.