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    Need Help with duplication problem


      I created a form using LiveCycle, opened it in Adobe X Pro, and imported XLM data into it.  The data was for 6 cases.  After the import, my pdf was 6 pages long.  There were 6 forms populated by the data from the 6 cases.  This is what I expected and wanted.  I saved the pdf and sent it to a coworker.  When the recipient opened the pdf with Adobe Reader, there were 11 pages.  The first 6 pages were the form with the data from the 6 cases in it.  The remaining pages repeated the form over and over again without data.  How do I get rid of the pages with the blank forms?  I tried to delete them using Adobe X Pro, but couldn't.  Why is this happening?  I'm new to LiveCycle, Adobe X Pro, and creating interactive forms.


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          radzmar Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          you have activated the option "repeat ... for each data item" for a page or a subform where it isn't neccessary.

          If you can share your form, post a link here so we can check it.

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            AnneLl0821 Level 1

            Thank you very much for the help.  On my subform I had the Repeat Subform for Each Data Item checked and the Min Count set to 1.  When I unchecked the Min Count, most of the blank forms went away.  Now, I only have one blank form at the end of the document.  Is there a way to get rid of the last blank form?  Online it says entering a zero in the Min Count field will eliminate the blank form, but when I put a zero in the field, I get a message indicating the field must be populated with a number.  The zero is automatically removed when I save the document.