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    Not sure where to post this


      Hi all, sorry, I don't know where to post this question so please redirect me or answer if you can


      I'm very new to web design and was wondering how to add a page to a website where my customers can go to order a business card. They currently send me an excel spreadsheet with the information in the correct fields and I flow it into a document to make it ready to print.  Now, they would like the ability to order on our website where they would fill in the information, get a proof instantly, then upload the finished card to me and we would print. 


      As I said, I'm new to web design so I don't even know where to start with this.  I was kind of hoping there might be a module or plugin I might be able to start with but in browsing around, I don't see anything like that. 


      The other option might be to have someone code this for me and I could incorporate it in to our site? 


      Please be kind, real newbie here! 


      Thanks so much for any info you can give.



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          mario_gudelj Most Valuable Participant

          Hi Annette,


          I'm not sure what exactly this is "they would fill in the information, get a proof instantly, then upload the finished card to me and we would print". Would a web form suffice? If you create a web form on BC and place it on the page, they could fill in all the info and that info would be stored in the database. You would get a notification of their web form submission and you can then process that info further.


          I'm sorry if I've missed your point. If so, please give us more details on the above.





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            ADusa Level 1

            Hi Mario, thanks for writing.  Yes, that just might work!  Maybe I'm trying to make this too hard.  If you go to a website like Vista Print and want to order a business card, you're able to choose a shell or design, then fill in your personal information and I think (I've never really ordered from them) you can see what the card will look like with your information in place before you place your order.  Well, we have a shell for this customer already (because we've been printing their cards for a while) but now we want to give them the ability to go to our website, fill in their personal information and have it populate the existing shells with their information in the correct places (like their phone number and their email address) and they would be able to see what their card would look like on the screen before they placed the order to make sure it was right.  Then click "submit" or similar and the information would come to me and we could print their card. A webform just might work though.  Thanks so much for that idea, Mario!  I'll look into that!





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