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    How to create a Mac projector on a Windows machine

    MECS Level 1

      I go through the setps of Publish Setup, and then Publish a Mac projector on my Windows 7, 64 bit machine.  It actually createss an app, but it won't work.  Can someone go through the actual steps of creating a Mac projector on a Win machine so I can see what I may be missing?





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          Dee McDee Level 2

          Are you extracting the projector from the *.hqx file in Windows?


          By doing so, you destroy the resource fork of the application, rendering the projector inoperable.


          You have to copy the hqx file on to the Mac and extract it using Unstuffit (or whatever).

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            MECS Level 1

            Thanks for the response, Dee.  Actually, this is what I did


            1.  Created the projecor on Windows 7 computer

            2.  Copied all files pertaining to the Director movie to a flash drive

            3.  Copied files from flash drive to Mac computer

            4.  Unzipped files on Mac computer

            5.  Double clicked on projector (.app file), but it wouldn't run.


            So my assumption was that there is something in the creating of the projector that I am either leaving out, or doing wrong.  That may or may not be the case, but I am out of ideas.

            Do you know the exact steps for creating a Mac projector on a Win computer?


            Thanks again for taking the time to assist me.



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              MECS Level 1

              You know, in re-thinking this, my reply was not entirely accurate.  I am remembering downloading the director movie from my web site at one point, and that one is zipped.  But when I created the projector and placed all the files on ta flash drive, I didn't zip anything, so after copying those files to a Mac, I didn't unzip anything.


              Are you saying that when I create a Mac projector from a Win machine that it automatically zips it?  If so, then unzipping it is the step I am missing.



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                Mike Blaustein Level 4

                To clarify, old versions of Director (v10 and below) would publish a Mac executable (with the extension .osx) which was in turn archived as a .hqx file.  This is what Dee is talking about.


                I think that you are using Director 11 which works differently.  (It would be helpful if you included this info in your original message).


                In Director 11, the Win version will create a Mac executable with the extenstion .app which dos not have the same problems as the old-tyme osx file, and it does not need to be archived.


                Now, back to your question... the steps that you listed seem correct.  What exactly is the problem that you are seeing?  You keep saying that it doesnt work, but you have not said what it is doing (or not doing) specifically.  Are there error messages?  What precisely is it doing or not doing?

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                  MECS Level 1

                  Mike, I'm using Director 11.5.9.  I should have mentioned that up front.  We won't say anything about senior moments or other such nonsense.


                  "It doesn't work" means it doesn't run.  I get kind of a quick flicker of the screen when I double click the app as if it's trying to do something, but nothing happens.  I didn't list error messages because there aren't any.


                  My Mac bit the dust so I really need to be able to create Mac projectors on my Windows machine.  It's a royal pain having to drive over and borrow someone else's Mac to make projectors, and having just replaced my Windows work station, I don't have it in the budget to also replace the Mac station right now. 


                  So, if I can get the projector problem straightened out, it will make my life a lot easier.  And I know it's one of your major goals to make my life a lot easier.


                  Thanks for taking your time to assist.



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                    Mike Blaustein Level 4

                    I honestly don't know what is wrong. I have commonly made Mac projectors on PC and PC projectors on Mac in that version of Director, without any such difficulty.  Perhaps there is something specific to your program that is having trouble?  For example, if you have some PC-specific code in prepareMovie or something, it might have that sort of problem.


                    To prove or disprove that theory, make a brand new movie with nothing more than a single script in the script channel


                    on exitFrame

                    go to the frame



                    Save that and publish it for Mac.  Then see if that works.  If it does work, then we know that Director is working as it should be and the problem is somewhere in your dir file.  If it does not work, then your copy of Director is having trouble and you may need to reinstall it.

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                      MECS Level 1

                      Ok.  That's a simple enough idea.  I'll try it. 


                      Let me ask you this, while we're discussing making projectors.  My director movies typically consist of a number of individual .dir movies.  The main program is a combination of menu-driven directions, or one movie calling another movie with a simple go to movie "such and such" command in the final frame. 


                      So, when I create my projector, I have one .dir movie that I include inside the projector to begin that whole process.  I have sometimes used a simple stub movie that just calls the main menu.  At other times I may just include the menu itself inside the projector.  Is it those movies being included inside the projector that 11.5.9 is referring to as, "Dependent Movies"?  In prior versions, they just asked what movies you wanted to add to the projector, so I'm not sure what "Dependent Movies" is referring to in this version of Director.  They may be called "Dependent Files", I don't remember for sure, but you know what I"m talking about if you use 11.5.


                      Sometimes I just launch director, open a new, blank movie and publish my projector from there by clicking Add and listing the movie I want to include inside the projector.  Other times I have actually opened the movie I wish to include inside the projector and added it in the box provided.  Director says it will have to close that movie before it can proceed, which is fine, and the projectors have always worked properly, so it would appear there is nothing wrong with either of those processes.  However, I have tried them all in making Mac projectors on the PC and none of them will run.


                      I don't know if there are any "clues" hidden in all of that information or not.  But in problem solving, giving someone too much information is seldom a problem.  Giving too little is always a problem.  So I just thought I'd throw that out and see if a light comes on.


                      Thanks again.  I'll let you know how the little experiement you suggested worked out as soon as I get a chance to run over to my sister-in-law's house and check it out on her Mac.



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                        MECS Level 1

                        Mike, I created the simple movie you suggested on my PC.  Then, with the movie still open, I simply clicked on Publish.  I took the resultant app that was created and tried running it on a Mac.  It worked fine.


                        I think I've been making this harder than it needed to be by still trying to do some of the required steps in creating projectors from the "good ol' days".  It appears that all I need to do is open the movie I want included in the projector, and click publish (provided that I have publish set on the platform I want).  Done.  A projector created from that movie and named after that movie is produced.


                        Thanks for your help on this issue.  I owe you one.