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    Using the Crop function on a Comp


      Last night I had a huge issue with a comp I was working on. I had isolated a flag and stabilized and keyed it. Once this was all done in the 1200x800 comp, I wanted to output a smaller window with just the flag in it. So I cropped the comp as usual in the viewport using the region of interest and then went to render a version with the output settings set to crop using region of influence. As it started to render I noticed the flag jump to the top left of the smaller comp, so I stopped the render. I turned the region of, but now without any other keyframes the flag that was static in the frame jumped to the left and up, then back to it's original position. I noticed that the Ram Preview was obviously using the Global cache so I tried to purge it but nothing I did would stop the glitches. I eventually emptied the cache and restarted. I think this fixed it but it was weird enough for me to be very wary of using region of interest in the future.