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    How do we batch export of EXIF metadata in Photoshop?


      Hi all


      We are hoping to export the photos on our Flickr site to a local drive, and then do a batch upload of the photos and their metadata to our library's new database.


      To do this, we have downloaded the JPGs from our Flickr site using Bulkr Pro which writes the metadata from the Flickr record (title, description, tags) into the EXIF data in the JPG.


      We know that it is possible to export the EXIF etc data from an individual photo to an XMP file using Photoshop (File > File Info > Export). However, we have over 30000 photos on Flickr so it would obviously be very tedious to export singly.


      If you know how to create a batch process to export this data to the XMP files, we would be most grateful!




      Lyn Keily

      The University of Newcastle, Australia