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    Audio Plug-in question

    Soshman Level 1



      I have never used a plug in before and i want to get one for special effects.

      I am wondering if Premiere Pro 5.0.3 can take an Audio plug in and this one in specific.



      I was told that it can fit into other audio programs.

      But since i have no idea how the plug-in feature works i don't know what audio to get.


      I have Sony sound Forge Audio Studio and Magix Samplirude


      I am considering and upgrade to CS6 Premiere Pro 6 and adding in Adobe Audition

      But again i am not sure it will take a plug-in or if it can do that much more than PP 5 that i have now


      People tell me to get Cubase and a few others


      Any help or suggestions is well appreciated