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    indesign losing window position

    Inkpot_Printing Level 1

      Just upgraded to CS6. I don't run InDesign full screen, I like to have lots of panels open next to the document window.


      The problem is that every time I run InDesign it forgets the size and position of the main program window and opens to fill the screen (but not full screen), although the panels open where I left them. It's not a big problem but it is annoying, and no other Adobe apps we use have the same issue.

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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          This is the way it works , the main window size doesn't retain itself.

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            Inkpot_Printing Level 1

            Illustrator keeps it's main window size and position. Photoshop keeps it's main window size and position. Dreamweaver keeps it's main window size and position. Muse keeps it's main window size and position. I could go on. Why doesn't InDesign?

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              We're all just users here, like you. We don't write the code.


              Try using the Application Frame.....

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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                It’s not sticking on Windows, either. Pretty annoying actually.





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                  Studio57NL Level 1

                  So how is this full screen thing handy? Can anyone give me one axample? I think it's super annoying. Everytime I open an ID document I need to make it smaller as I don't want it to completely fill my 27" screen. And I need to open A LOT of ID documents during the day.


                  Most of the time there's no need to to have a window that big. Why would I want a business card design to show up in that huge window? Working on a Mac for ages I am used to see my desktop and drop things from there or the Finder in my work so no application frame for me. The app frame only solves part of the problem anyway.


                  Many times I keep half my screen filled with an ID doc and the other half with a clients e-mail with text corrections that I need to apply to the layout in ID. I want that ID doc te remember its position and size for the next round of changes.


                  And how about dragging and dropping the icon in the title bar of an image from Photoshop directly into an InDesign layout? Is that handy when windows are full screen? Or dragging a vector drawing from an AI window to an ID window, being able to see both windows be it partially? That's MS Windows-style. I hate it. I don't get how and why Adobe makes these decisions.



                  I just filed a feature request, maybe you should do that too:




                  Adobe clearly hasn't received enough of these requests as this bug is there since CS4.


                  Please make ID documents remember their size and position individually again!

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                    Yep....I find InDesign very frustrating. When I first purchased CS5 it was fine for the first little while. The program would open to the  proper screen size then one day out of the blue it would not fill the screen properly, I had to keep manually dragging to fill the screen. Now it only ever opens up as a tiny toolbar in the very upper left corner of my screen. If I use the available 'expand' button, nothing happens.  So again I have to resort to manually clicking on the corner of the toolbar and dragging to open it up and even then it appears to 'snap back' to the tiny corner toolbar again so I have to keep selecting and dragging it until it finally sizes to my screen! Very annoying and most frustrating. I've never used InDesign before and find this totally unacceptable. None of the other ADOBE products do this? Whoever programmed this must have fell asleep at the wheel!! You pay all this money for the program and it does dumb stuff like this with no apparent fix! All in all and judging by the extensive problems on the InDesign forums I find this one of the most 'buggiest' and 'poor performing' programs I've ever had to work with. The only reason I have to use it is because one of our biggest clients only works in InDesign or else i'd trash it!  (my rant is over now....thankyou for listening!).