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    Windows Media in CS6


      How can i export a sequence with Premiere Pro 6 or AME into a Windows Media format for a client with a desktop PC?

      I am running Mac OSC, latest build of both apps, and I have Flip4Mac and current QuickTime in my apps

      I expected to see a drop down saying Windows Media ...


      Do I export Quicktime then chose MPEG4 as my codec?

      Will older Windows boxes play MPEG4?

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          shooternz Level 6

          Work backwards


          What file type does the client want and for what purpose?


          eg if he wants a WMV...you can use Flip4MAc


          If he has Quicktime Player..give him a .mov.


          He probably can play a mpeg (mpg)


          BTW - I dont expect the client actually knows what he wants specifically...so ask him what he is going to use the file for. Then you solve his problem  for him by supplying appropriate file type..

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            velocite Level 1

            you're right i'm sure

            he doesnt know


            if i want to use WMV, is there a direct Adobe path to Flip4Mac or do I have to export an uncompressed movie somewhere and then import that to Flip4Mac?


            in the meantime I am going to try a Quicktime preset - to .mov


            thanka for the quick reply




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              shooternz Level 6

              Word of advice.


              Find out what the client will do with the file.


              You can spend a lot of time and effort exporting files that the client wont ever be able to play.  eg too big, too small, no player, need to email it.


              It will make you look un porofessional in his eyees and frustrate the hell out of hime / her.


              BTW: You access Flip4Mac out of QTpro.

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                velocite Level 1

                thanks for the advice but...and you will have come across this in your own dealings with client - no doubt


                they expect me to know what they're running! we are on a windows machine


                so i will send them a .mov and mpeg and see which one takes off




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                  shooternz Level 6

                  Enjoy the file ping pong game ....and  good luck!


                  Yes I have experienced this and resolved that it would not happen again too often. 

                  My colleagues and I now charge for re doing exports if the info is supplied vague or wrong.  But..we prefer to be more professional and ask first just to save our selves the time and effort.  (We are solution providors)

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                    velocite Level 1

                    ha ha


                    yes editing is but one part of the business hey?


                    have you run into this stumble?

                    i have exported a quicktime movie - uncompressed - of my final sequence

                    and then opened it in QT Pro to export that to Windows Media using the Flip4Mac plug in


                    It happily exports 30 seconds but not the whole 14 minutes

                    input and output selected at either ends of 14 minutes

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                      shooternz Level 6

                      Sorry cant really help on the truncated export issue.


                      Possibly that massive uncompressed QT you produced is too much fr your system / hardware / set up.  Try Prores maybe.


                      I  had Flip4mac and used it successfully  when I had a Mac in a moment of madness a few years back.


                      Currently I can ,  and do , export to any platform client requirements from my Windows System.

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                        BuzzworthyMedia Level 1

                        FYI...While the majority of users will access Flip4Mac from Quicktime Pro, if you still have the Final Cut Pro suite (Suite 2 or 3) installed, you can also use Apple's Compressor program to output WMVs. It allows you to set up a Quicktime Export Component which you can have access the Flip4Mac engine. Then you can create a droplet. Once you have your Quicktime exported and ready to convert, just drop onto your droplet and let Compressor handle the conversion to WMV.


                        Still not the bext solution. Apple never quite got multicore, especially those cores with hyperthreading, properly utilized. Adobe's Media Encoder does a much faster/more efficient job. It will be a great day for Mac users once Adobe allows Media Encoder to interface with the Flip4Mac engine.