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    Problems in Frame 1 with External HTML files

      I am having an issue with loading two external html files within my website.

      I have a case study page with a dynamic textbox and a scrollbar attached to it.

      I have another page "news" that contains another dynamic textbox with a scrollbar attached to it.

      I created two .txt files with my information for both pages.

      Working in Flash CS3 with Actionscript 2.0 at 30fps.

      My problem is this:
      I can go to my news page and the .txt file will be visible, but once I go to the other case study page and reveal that .txt file, I go back to the news page and the .txt file is no longer visible. Only a nonworking scrollbar is displayed with no text and nothing else.

      I believe I need to do something different in Frame 1's Actioncode. I just don't know how to get the other .txt file to work along with the other. I will be adding more .txt files in dynamic textboxes later and I really need to resolve this issue so I am able to add them with no problems. Appreciate anyone's help immediately if you can.

      Here is the temporary website link so you can test and see my problem. Don't forget to go the the news button first in the navbar. Then go to the case studies link and find the MAX Cat Packaging and view that .txt file, then go back and you will see my problem.

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