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    !!BIG TIME SETBACK...need to recover rendered files, any way to do this?? [time sensitive]

    npaglia7 Level 1

      I have CS5 and I rendered the workspace - a couple hours of video across the timeline. Took forever. I tested rendering before encoding and it was faster than going straight to encoding - so that's the reason for rendering.


      After the workspace render was completed - it was time to encode. During the 2nd video encoding (2nd of 12 video's in the project), premiere ran into an error and said it needed to close.


      So premiere closed and the encoding continued.


      When I opened premiere up again, all the preview/renders were gone. No green line, only red/yellow.


      Is there any way to recover these preview files so I can encode faster? This is a HUGE setback. I must get this encoding done as quickly as possible.


      I still have the preview files in the preview folder but not sure how to go about this.


      Just want the preview files/rendered files back so I can encode at a faster rate.


      Thanks - please let me know immediately...extremely time sensitive. I greatly appreciate the help!