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    Image blocking master page item even after moving object back


      Hi guys, i'm having a problem that suddenly developed out of nowhere. When i initially placed an image onto my document, it went behind my master page items (page number) automatically. But now, i'm not sure what i did, the images are stacked above the page number. I've tried selecting the image, and then going to objects --> Arrange --> Send to Back but the only option it gives me is to bring it to the front, which means that the image IS already in the back. I then did the same thing in my master page for the page number and tried to bring it to the front, but the only option it gave me was to send it back, which meant that it was already in the front.


      If the page number is already in the front and the image is already in the back, why is the image still overlapping my page number? This isn't making any sense at all...

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          Michael Gianino Level 4

          As far as I know, master-page items are always behind document-page items. There are two ways that they can be (or appear to be) the opposite of that:


          1. If you release the master-page item (by clicking on it while holding shift and command), it will become detached from the master page and will act the same as an item created on the document page. It can then be placed above any other document-page item within the layer it is on. If you can move an item on a document page, it's a document-page item, whether it started as one or not.
          2. If your master-page items are on a layer that is higher than the layer where your document-page items are. Layers will supersede arrangement. If you have a blue box on layer one and a red box on layer two, you can bring the blue box to the front and send the red box to the back, but the red box will still cover the blue box if layer two is higher than layer one.