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    Current-time indicator not showing at end of "Effect Controls" window?

    kentfromtx Level 1

      Here's a little minor annoying problem thats been bugging me.


      When adding keyframes to clips in the Effect Controls window for Opacity, is there a way to send the Current Time Indicator (CTI) to the very last frame of the clip?


      This is what is happening:


      Many times I like to put a keyframe at the very beginning or middle of a clip and one at the very last.  But when I drag the CTI until it stops in the Effect Controls window, it goes out of view, and I think one frame into the next clip.  So I've just been dragging it until it stops and then hitting the back arrow to back it up one frame and back into view again where the keyframe needs to go.


      But sometimes when I do this, there is still a quick flash of the clip after the last keyframe, possibly 1 frame or a fraction of a frame.


      And even then, the indicator and keyframes are just barely (partially) visible on the right-hand side of the effects window.


      And when I locate it on the very end of the clip in the Timeline window, it is not in sight in the Effects window until I hit the back arrow key.


      Here are some images of what I'm trying to explain. The first is when I drag the indicator until it stops. The second picture is after I push back on the arrow one time.

      without marker.PNG


      w maker.PNG