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    StreamingURLResource.clipStartTime isn't working

    Ruben Swieringa

      I spent the last two days trying to find a way to implement seeking beyond the current playback-point in a video played over an HTTP-stream (akamai, hosted by rackspace, if that's relevant).


      My setup is pretty simple, I instantiate a MediaPlayerSprite and as its resource I assign a StreamingURLResource instance that has a valid video-URL, null as a streamtype and a clipStartTime and clipEndTime. Nevertheless my video still starts playing from the original start, rather than the start-time I passed to the clipStartTime-parameter of StreamingURLResource its constructor.


      Now I've been trying to figure this one out for the past 2 days and have come up with very little. I have tried with and without the akamai-plugin included in the OSMF-source from SVN. I have tried using MediaPlayer.seek() but this only works for seeking between the start-point and current playback-point. I have looked the forums and internet up and down for a solution but all to no avail.


      I really hope somebody can make sense of this. It seems to me that just setting the clipStartTime-parameter in StreamingURLResource its constructor should simply work.



      thanks in advance - Ruben