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    Running projector files on Microsofts Surface 2 SUR40 table




      I've been trying to get this working for a week now. I'm basically trying to get flash projector files to run through the SUR40's Launcher environment under SurfaceMode. On the regular desktop, everything works fine, I can open the exe without any issues.


      Whenever I run it through ShellMode, SurfaceMode or SurfaceDebugMode, the Launcher tries to open the application, ACTUALLY OPENS IT, but doesn't display it correctly. When I'm in ShellMode (on the desktop), I can see the exe open in the background and on the taskbar. It seems as if the Surface Launcher can't tell whether or not the application has actually loaded or not. After 10 seconds, it times out and closes it.


      As far as I can see in the AdminGuide for the table, "SignalApplicationLoadComplete" has something to do with it. But that's part of the Surface API...



      Any ideas, tricks or whatnot?





      After a little more rummaging around, it is indeed ApplicationServices.SignalApplicationLoadComplete(); that's missing... The FlashPlayer.exe doesn't run this of course.