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    Newbie in need of desparate assistance


      I am so frustrated ... here's the deal:

      I am creating a new flex application. I tried following an example of one previously deployed - that is working. Basically it looked like all the files and file directory as in flex were created on the hosted site - to my disappointment my application did not display like the other.

      So I removed all the files, tried to run the application from flex (just to make sure) and none of my new changes showed. Actually my intital start concept showed up so all the changes I had been making were not showing up when I ran the file so I deleted the index.html file from the bin file - big mistake.

      I copied the mxml syntax and deleted the whole project. Recreated the project and copied and pasted the syntax into the new file. However, I am having the same problem - okay worse, because copied the wrong syntax in the file and now when I click run (in flex) I get a different displayed file than what I see in the design view.


      All I want is to see my current changes run in flex, then load the application to the intended hosting site.

      **** Additionally, how do you un-cache the swf file (when you hit run in flex) to show any updates?