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    Fireworks Masking


      I have been working on this for a day and can't get the effect I am looking for. Hopefully I can articulate clearly. The picture should help.


      Given the image in Fig. 1 (the image doesn't really matter, it's the effect I am trying to produce) I want to produce highlighted areas -  like a diffused spotlight effect - in the general areas indicated by the ovals in Fig. 2.


      In Fig. 3 I have created 2 rectangles, applied and positioned 'auto vector mask' (I am still confused about creating masks from 'scratch') to each, set 'blend mode' to multiply, opacity 50%.


      In Fig. 4 I have  created the larger, center highlight in a similar same manner (the other highlights are hidden here for clarity).


      Fig. 5 is the result of all the highlights/masks/objects turned on / visible.


      The problem is that I cannot increase/improve the contrast of the center highlight, presumably because it is on top of the 'solid' area of the objects (rectangles) beneath it. I have tried leaving space between the top and bottom rectangles and positioning a middle rectangle with the larger highlight between them (so there is no object underneath, which improves the contrast) but then it does not blend well with the other 2 elements.


      That's it in a nutshell. I hope it makes sense!