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    Audio Plugins/filters cutting in and out

    Butch2oc Level 1

      I've got 4 stereo audio tracks.

      On 2 tracks I am using "Fill Left" + Dynamics + Eq..


      When playing my timeline I am getting some filters randomly cutting in half way through an instance on the 2 tracks mentioned above.

      It's so random and hard to nut out but I am thinking it may be the "Fill Left" filter but after turning it off I have still had the occaisional issue.

      I'm on a MAC Pro 4.1 with the most recent software/hardware/versions etc. and raid for rmedia


      The issue has shown itself on a new Imac also.


      I have tried to:


      render audio


      output an audio "Final mix" file


      create new program

      create new project

      re order filters

      Turn of Hardware Accel

      Deleted all cache files


      Sometimes after I restart the issue is on a different instance.

      If I rock back and forth over the problem area it sometimes comes good, but when I try to render out the problem re appears on the output file.

      Thanks in advance