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    From flex 2.0 to flex 2.01

      It took me a long time, but I can finaly say that I start mastering Flex. But there is one thing that I never really understood. And that is the way Tomcat or any other java compiler works with the file structure provided with flex. Ofcourse he uses all the mxml files to compile the site in case of changes to one of them, and for what I understood is that it uses the file structure behind WEB-INF to compile and create the usable bin structure. (The flex framework with Classes, Configurations, ...) For this framework WEB-INF structure I used to have a flex.war file that created me this default structures (Version 2 of flex) Now with the new versions I can't find these default filestructions anymore (for 2.01) And since I use Flex Builder 2.01 and my default java server's WEB-INF is still 2.0, he does some weird stuff from time to time.

      So could someone help me out, and explain me how to compose a fresh flex framework WEB-INF directory for version 2.01? (I use Flex data services)

      Thanks a lot