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    Flash Player is not a Debugger....but IT IS !!!!




      I Installed latest flashbuilder, but it does not want to debug.


      Pointed the preference of flashbuilder debugger to: Window>preferences>FlashBuilder>Debug...Standalone Adobe Flash Player (debug version)... C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4.6\player\win\11.2\FlashPlayerDebugger.exe


      but once I do run with debug it says in dialog window....


      Title: Installed Adpbe Flash Player Is Not a Debugger.



      Flash Builder cannot locate the required debugger version of Adobe Flash Player. You might need to install the debugger version of the Flash Player of reinstall FLash Builder.....


      I must admit that I am using the older mx flex 3 components (did have a good book for this version). But this should not be of any influence I guess as all programs run fine in the browser.