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    Overlay creator, movies and stacks

    ErwinKauwenberg Level 1

      I'm building a page that contains a menu and stacked items, as you cant stack stack these stacks i'v made in to a multy page article with buttons to go to the other pages, giving the look of one page with buttons. now i want to ad a movie to these pages, but for some reason i cant ad the same movie to 6 pages that are in one article, why not, if i put it on anny page it works fine but when i try to do the same setup on page 2 it wont run on page one or page 2, it does work if i use a diffrent movie, so i could coppu the movie 6X but thats not a clean work around.


      Also i made a image stack with grouped items and i try to get that movie in the upper corner in the range of the stack but that wont work, the movie will never play as the stack takes priority over the movie button, is there a way around this?